Patient Information


Because the nature of a micropractice is all about quality over quantity, we are no longer accepting new patients.  We are hopeful other providers will see the advantages of this "slow medicine," and start up primary care offices with the Ideal Medical Practice model nearby.  To keep up with our rising overhead costs, for 2016 our uncovered services fee will be $60 per person or max $150 per family.   Please read about our practice and how we handle intake information for patients, payment options, and communication with Dr. Dave below.


Intake information

Communicating with Dr. Dave

Payment Options

Intake Information

We are interested in keeping our office as paperless as possible. When you become a new patient we will handle your intake right at the office when you come in for the first appointment. We will start your electronic health record immediately, with the following info:

  • Name, date of birth (for both patient and primary insurance holder), address, home or cell phone or both, email address;
  • Insurance information, such as the name of the company on the card, patient and primary policy holder identification numbers, group number (if any);
  • Copays for office visits.

We will have you sign a consent form, as well as a privacy practices acknowledgement form, and for some a release of medical information form. And that is it! Usually. :)


 Communication with Dr. Dave     

To mail me a birthday card or anything else, the mailing address is: 

        PO Box 1411 Shepherdstown, WV 25443

To call with questions or to schedule an appointment, use 304 579 4746.  For prescription refills please have your pharmacy fax a refill request to Dr Dave.  My fax number is 304 579 4673.


HANDLING EMERGENCIES:  If you think you need to go the the ER, GET MOVIN’ toward the hospital! Keep calling my cell number on the way and I will figure out that someone needs immediate attention so I will check the phone.  We might be able to have you come by the office instead.

I am available to answer your questions “24/7” and I mean it. That is the heart of being a caring, relationship-centered physician. If I am out of cell phone range, I will have Dr. Maciunas, Dr. Agbayani or Dr. Kellogg backing me up.  The direct line to the answering service is 304 229 1526.

Payment Options

Our current system of health insurance, despite the Affordable Care Act’s good intentions, is unsustainable.  But it is the system we are living with.  I need to bill you and your insurance carrier so I can stay in practice. I need you to remember to handle copay and deductible transactions at each visit.  Putting things in order, to completion, while we are together in the office will help me keep this practice alive in this community for years and years to come.

If you have no health insurance, or have concerns that lack of money is preventing you from being able to see me as a patient, please let me know.   I am confident we will be able to work out an arrangement we both can live with.

Annual Uncovered Services Fee

Running a medical practice is incredibly expensive, and most practices respond by increasing the number of patients seen per hour.  Rather than do that, we have decided to have each patient pay an annual fee of $60, with a maximum of $150 for families.