About The Vision

Almost two years ago I held a series of town meetings asking our community a few simple questions with respect to our health:  what are we doing well? What can we do better? What are you willing to do in service to others?  It became clear that our region is rich with resources for achieving and maintaining health.  I also realized many of us feel the “mainstream” medical industry is not able to address the needs of millions of vulnerable people.

Now I may not be able to help millions, but I might be able to apply my knowledge and experience to help a few right here in West Virginia.  With that intent, my family and I have started Potomac Integrative Health.  This is a “micropractice,” which is a fancy way of saying “I’m the only employee!” It’s a great way to practice family medicine, particularly when I have such supportive family and friends at my side.  Our intention is to create space and opportunity for health empowerment and healing.  If our approach seems different and even a bit awkward to you, that’s OK…IT IS!  But, while “relationship centered care” may have a different quality that what your used to in a trip to the doctor, is not at all new.  This approach to healing is deeply grounded in the human experience and as natural as breathing.